CAD-Space – Drawing and layout management

CAD-Space keeps your files in order. With CAD-Space you manage AutoCAD drawings throughout the company with their associated drawings and all other types of documents which arise on a daily basis. Design drawings, product information, e-mails, contract papers, invoices and management documents are saved and managed ready for revision.

You can use CAD-Space for:
File management
Document management
Product data management

Irrespective of the type of document that you want to save, CAD-Space is your starting platform where you provide your document with information to enable you to find it easily later. Then you will quickly and easily find all the documents belonging to a contract or, for example, special drawings which you have saved some time ago and which contain elements that you would like to use again.

Flexible and forward-looking

Due to the modular and object-orientated architecture, CAD-Space optimally adapts to the company structure and processes.

Higher productivity through re-use

Using the comprehensive search mechanisms and the classification of document and article information, you can quickly find the same or similar files. The fast file preview cuts down the waiting time.


General properties of CAD-Space:
Intuitively operated application interface
Adapts optimally to the company structure
Management and archiving of all types of document, secure for later revision.
Integration into Microsoft Office
Integrated fast file preview
Modification and release management
Version and revision management
Number generator, document, article and item numbers
User and group rights through integrated rights management

CAD-specific properties of CAD-Space:
Unequaled management of AutoCAD drawings and the associated layouts
Wizard for printing layouts from several DWGs
Automatic production of captions
Text box generation and parts labeling
Printing of drawing lists
Structure oriented to project and contract
Parts list management

CAD-Space can be used from AutoCAD 2010.

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