We offer drawings for different fields in the building industry. Our skills extend in developing large exteriors, as well as different interior needs.

We offer solutions for different fields in the industry – aluminium and glass, stone (natural and artificial), ceramics, composite, ironware (steel and INOX), joinery (millwork), different flooring and pavement, landscape solutions, and all other projects that need to be cleared, precise and well finished.

Balance between price and quality execution

Cladding systems can go up to 20% of the construction total price for a new project. By appointing a specialist-adviser during the designing process of your facade gives you a higher chance of achieving your goals in terms of design, budget and aims of execution of the project.

Avoiding mistakes in advance

The main cause of constructive problems and damages after the completion of the construction are the mistakes made in the designing and the execution of the building envelope system. Studio CAD’s advisers know how to recognize and point the problematic zones and how to find solutions of technical problems even before they have become a problem to the building itself, which will help in avoiding the mistakes in designing the facade systems and cladding systems.

Designing by experts

The technologies in facade cladding and curtain walls are changing rapidly. New materials, coverings and systems are being introduced constantly to the market in the field of design and they require a careful assessment of whether they should be featured in your project. Studio CAD’s team will help you to judge the positive and negative qualities of every single proposed solution so that you make a fast and precise decision.

Technical sources

Studio CAD’s experience in different alternative solutions in the design and engineering and its application in hundreds projects gives the company opportunity to find precise and good solutions even in the most complex technical issues, as well as to develop facade system that can “work” good enough during the whole life of the building.

Conflict of interests

Studio CAD will give you honest and independent answers about the best solution for your unique project. The answers given by the manufacturers, providers and installers can be influenced by the availability of a certain product, the manufacturing opportunities, etc. We will give you an information oriented to your clients’ interests and projects.


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