Laboratory Mock-up Services

An important part of the designing process is the confirmation of the chosen system with laboratory tests of models and miniature models.

Studio CAD:

  • provides profound help to their clients during every stage of design
  • works in collaboration with a team of specialists, who will confirm the chosen way of testing is correctly planned and conducted and fulfills the conditions, required by the law.
  • prepares preliminary drawings, structural calculations, samples and other information related to model’s components, its technical qualities and its conformity with the contract conditions.
  • sends staff members who attend in the building proccess, the preliminary tests and final tests of the models (samples) and prepares written report on the observations and recommendations, based on the conducted examination.

After the completion of the testing, Studio CAD reviews and comments on the laboratory reports and the manufacturing drawings for the manufacturing of the testing model.

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Studio CAD's Cloud

Studio CAD's Cloud