Studio CAD is an official representative of Athena software for Bulgaria.

To insure desired quality, Studio CAD uses Athena software, created by CAD-PLAN (a software designed by a German company for Architectural and Engineering requirements).

Calculating glass structures and elements, Studio CAD uses SJ Mepla, leading software on the world market.


Studio CAD is able to generate the exclusive NC-X format. With all the geometrical information, such as cut-out parts and processes, we can provide data that contains job and job-part information. An optional post-processor is required to be able to control profile processing machines.


Studio CAD provides a BIM interface. It is the standard for the description of digital building models, also known as Building Information Modeling. By using the interface Studio CAD is able to transfer ATHENA 3D facade models to so-called BIM programs, such as for example, Autodesk Revit, and, say, to carry out collision checks with other project subsections. Along with the 3D objects, job-specific data, such as item or position numbers, etc. are also transferred.
Also, objects can be transferred from Revit to ATHENA and then be fitted with profiles, infills, sheets, etc. These can then be returned afterwards.



All drawings will be submitted in *.pdf format and will be available for download from Studio CAD’s cloud until our work on the project is finished. When is needed to use CNC digital model it will be submitted DWG/DXF/NCW/XML formats.

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Studio CAD's Cloud

Studio CAD's Cloud