Waterproofing services


An important element of every successful project is the protection of the building’s elements and spaces from infiltration of water and pollutants and the integration of the correct waterproofing systems, together with the other systems of the building. Studio CAD has the experience and the knowledge, needed for successful integration of such systems in the buildings.


When the inhabited spaces are placed under the roof, leaks are often unnoticed until they cause serious damages. Studio CAD can develop a project for waterproofing measures, taking into account the needed requirements for achieving good behavior and work of the structure, which will provide long term protection for the interior spaces below these sections.

Studio CAD’s design services include:

  • Selection of materials and systems
  • Developing a criteria for the behavior of the system
  • Writing of specifications
  • Developing of system details
  • Developing of working and manufacturing drawings
  • Coordination with the exterior and the other systems of the buildings
  • Coordination with the anti overload systems
  • Thermal Analysis

Studio CAD’s construction phase services include:

  • Review of working and manufacturing drawings and technical calculations
  • On- site observation and reporting for quality of the execution
  • Complex services programs
  • Design and repair update and set of drawings and tender documentation development

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