Reviewing and commenting on the architectural details of the façade, including checking the continuity of the building’s water, air, and thermal insulation properties, especially with hidden construction systems.

Analysis of common details of heat engineering indicators, including analysis of obtaining condensation and determining the values R and U of more complex sections. Assessment of chosen materials, coverings, sealing and equipment for smoke- and fire alarms and protection in buildings with envelope elements.

Assessment of selected materials, coatings, seals and smoke detection and fire protection facilities in buildings with facing elements.

New specifications are being developed and old specifications are considered to be relevant and up-to-date criteria to be taken into account for determining admissible differences, movements of the façade lining of the building and parameters such as mechanical design and construction behavior.

Consultations on maintenance issues related to external walls, building maintenance / window cleaning and various options for changes and improvements of façade lining.

Computer calculation of wind load resistance requirements.


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Studio CAD's Cloud