Roofing Services

The coordination of roofing systems with other systems in the building is a paramount importance for successful realization and their cooperative work at already realized project. Studio CAD has the needed knowledge and experience to design and execute buildings, taking into consideration the design and the appropriate ways of execution, that let the company predict and solve problems at the specifications and stages of details’ designing, so as to not convert in real problems at the time of execution process and already executed building.

Studio CAD’s design services include:

  • Materials and Systems Selection
  • Proper Criteria Development selection
  • Specification Writing
  • Detail Performance of the system
  • Shop Drawing Preparation
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Wind Loading Analysis
  • Collaboration with other systems in the building
  • Facade system work testing with Wind Tunnel Study



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Sofia 1324, Bulgaria, EU

Studio CAD's Cloud

Studio CAD's Cloud