Building Envelope Condition Survey Services

Studio CAD puts through an investigation of the current buildings’ facade state to provide appropriate decision for its renovation. We have an experience in the evaluation of all facade types at the different ages- from these with cultural and historical value to these that have been completed very soon.

Studio CAD evaluate building envelope state by:

  • Inspections from the ground, overground sites (provided by other companies) and accessible roofs.
  • Review of existing architectural drawings, shop drawings and documents (if they are available).
  • Investigation of the curtain wall, windows, storefronts, pannels, envelope system of granite, marble and brick.
  • Preparing of detailed written documentation and photographer report of the observations.

After establishment of the building state, Studio CAD:

  • Provides recommended procedures, details and specifications for repair/restoration.
  • Does researches and reviews of trade conditions and contractual terms of quality assurance during project implementation.
  • Does inspections on site and make written reports and photographer archives of working stage.


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Sofia 1324, Bulgaria, EU

Studio CAD's Cloud

Studio CAD's Cloud